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RE: Slab on Grade

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Can he show you where he has successfully done a pour of that size?
I would still be concerned about shrinkage.  Getting the control joints in 
on time would be even more important than on a smaller pour.  Even if I 
trusted him to get the joints in on time, I would still be concerned about 
the size of the joint pattern he is suggesting.  The slab ought to be about 
7" thick to have a joint pattern like that, is it.  I often stretch ACI 
guidelines depending on the job situation; but on a pour of that size, I 
would want to stretch them the conservative way if I were to vary from 
their guidelines.

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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 << File: ATT00011.htm >> Hi, we are being asked if it is okay to pour a 
15000 sq. ft. slab on grade in one pour. The contractor will put control 
joints every 500 sq.ft. but no construction joints. Does anyone know of any 
potential problems that this may cause.

Surjit Sarkar, P.E.

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