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RE: Off topic - Inc. or not to Inc.

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Last I heard in Calif. an engineer can not get an LLC or LLP.  Incorporation protects you from non-professional clams but not from professional clams.  Get E & O ins.  CNA is writing small firms at this time and will bind for a three year term.  Keep tennis shoes with open air ticket to Peru under the bed.
Email me offline with a phone number if you would like to talk about the legalities further and I can give you a call back this evening, I have been at it a long time.
On a personal note, how is the Camero? 
George Richards, P. E.
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Subject: Off topic - Inc. or not to Inc.

In California do the protections afforded to LLC, Corps, Inc''s protect the engineer of records personal assets? Specific question is if you are incorporated or LLC but operate with no employees, every thing is contracted employee wise, and someone comes after you are they limited to just taking the company assets and not your personals. I am certain if you have been criminal, negligent, or incompetent,  Consumer Affairs will get involved but disregarding that does incorporating protect personals when your the only guy in the corp?
Thanks to all,
Bob Hanson
Bellflower, California