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RE: wood posts & Heinz Stadium

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> WHile on the subject, in the 97 Supplement, Table 2 A "Bearing
> Design Values
> Parallel to Grain", Fg, gives values for different species. Now
> what is the
> difference between those values for "parallel to grain" and Table 4D for
> "Compression Parallel to Grain, Fc" ?  Table 4D is nearly half of
> the Table
> 2 A values. I normally would think to use Table 4D when designing
> posts/columns greater then 5"x5", I do not recall using Table 2 A.

And here's another aspect - compression perpendicular to grain design values
are typically about half the compression parallel to grain design values -
which means that, if a wood post is supporting a wood beam, or if the post
is supported on a wallplate, the bearing stress / perpendicular compression
in the other member may control the area of the contact face between the
other member and the post - and thus control the area of the post (assuming
same species & grade, etc). I'll note that the Canadian Wood Design Code
does have several factors applicable to bearing calculations that mitigate
this effect to some extent - but rarely do they eliminate it entirely.

Peter James

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