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Re: Off topic - Inc. or not to Inc.

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>I am opening my own office this coming Monday, goodbye boss. Anyway I went 
>LLC just because I could use a name, Structural Engineering Resources, LLC.
Make sure your engineering laws allow you to do this. In Florida your 
firm also needs to be registered if it's not a person's name. And you're 
not protected against any kind of professional mis-, mal- or non-feaanace 
or negligence by using a corporate name. The engineering laws are pretty 
clear about that. 

There are some more requirements that go with setting up a corporation (I 
did it this way, too) involving separation of personal and business 
expenses. You'll need a federal taxpayer ID number and a separate 
business bank account for payment of FICA and Federal withholding. Find 
yourself an accountant. You wouldn't want an accountant doing engineering 
work, for the same reason you don't want an engineer doing accounting.

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