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RE: Concrete and rebar strength

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I agree with the others who recommended taking cores for the concrete strength. In my experience, this works out the best.

For the rebar, I would recommend talking to someone at CRSI. Either Tony Felder or Dave Gustafson would be able to help and give some guidance on this. Their number is (847) 517-1200.

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> I am adding loads to a building built in 1930. Amazingly, we have found the existing drawings and specs! 
> There is no compressive strength specified for the concrete. However, it specifies a concrete with 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 4 parts aggregate. Can I tell from this info., what the 28 day compressive strength may be?
> Also, the rebar is Federal spec. 350A, type B, any grade or class except structural grade. Can I tell from this info. what the particular yield strength is? 
> Jim K.


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