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RE: Advertising Engineering Services

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Title: RE: Advertising Engineering Services

Call the state licensing investigator on the offending architects and have them decide. I am sure the architect firm would do the same for you if you were an ex- ICBO plans examiner that wrote a letter to the state fire marshal for a buddy.

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Subject: Advertising Engineering Services

Something that has wrangled me for years are architectural firms
advertising or implying that they provide structural engineering
services. I know that laws vary from state to state and I am only
interested in California (sorry), but does anyone know what the "rules"
are for this activity? Yes, I know the B&P code allows architects to
provide structural engineering (with certain exceptions related to
schools and hospitals - I really don't want this thread to get into a
debate on the specifics of the exceptions, please), but few (and none
that I know) actually provide this service. They all hire out with the
exception of TRUE A&E firms who have in house architects and engineers.
I have no beef with these firms but there are several who advertise this
service who a.) do not have an engineer on staff nor b.) have the
expertise to actually perform structural engineering. I have encountered
firms whose name is "ABC Architects and Engineers", "John Doe, Inc. -
Architecture, Interiors, Planning and Engineering" or some who merely
list structural engineering as a service that they provide (in their
literature or on their website), implying that this service is available
by in-house staff where, in reality as we all know, the service is
provided by an outside consultant. I know that the term "engineer" is
not protected as the term "architect" and a lot of folks get around the
"structural engineer" title authority by just using the term "engineer"
when everyone (except BORPELS) realizes is used to imply structural

Your response is appreciated.


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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