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Re: Concrete and rebar strength

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        Thank you for the link, Mark.  I particularly appreciate it.


H. Daryl Richardson

Mark Geoghegan wrote:

> James,
> We recently went through a somewhat similar situation for a 60+ year old structure, BUT this structure had a 3,000 psi
> specified compressive strength, but core testing gave us consistent 5,000 + psi compressive strength.
> With respect to rebar, the CRSI does have a published document that costs $10 or $15 on info on older reinforcing steel
> but I recently discovered a FREE PDF publication that is just about the same as the one you have to pay for. It is
> entitled "Evaluation of Reinforcing Steel in Old Reinforced Concrete Structures". See the link:
> for a free copy.
> There is also some info in some of the FEMA documents too.

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