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Re: Bracing for Nail-Plate Wood Trusses

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My thanks to all who have replied.

Gary and Roger: In principal circling the note on the shop drawing and
rejecting them should be adequate.  My experience, however, is that
Fabricator tells Contractor "I don't do that," Contractor says to Owner,
"This isn't my problem, I'm not an engineer," Owner says to me, "You're the
engineer, why didn't you put this in the drawings?", I patiently explain
why, Owner goes back to Contractor, who  whines that it wasn't in their bid,
and so on.  Then the building department starts asking for letters from me
about the situation.

I agree with Roger that the truss designer can get away with a lot, using
skinny and/or low-grade members, and making some-one else pay for designing,
supplying and installing the bracing.  Industry economics ought to be to
provide the lowest overall cost, but this doesn't seem to be the trend.

I agree with Scott on gable end walls.  But my concern is bracing of
internal web members.  The TPI/HIB seems to deal with temporary bracing.
The Wood Truss Council of America "Handbook" is not totally consistent -
some places it gives the contractor the responsibility, others the EOR.

I'm just going to change the Structural Notes so that the truss
fabricator/designer has two options:
1) Design the bracing, or
2) Design all members not laterally braced by elements already
shown on the design drawings, so that they don't need additional bracing.

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