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Re: Bracing for Nail-Plate Wood Trusses

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I'm afraid the Truss Plate Industry has the jump on us.  Following is language from Chapter 61 of the Florida Administrative Code which promulgates rules for Florida engineers.  This language was just revised in October 2002, however it does not reference the new ANSI/TPI 1-2002.  TPI-1 has the nod of approval from ANSI, ICC and obviously also from many state legislatures. I doubt that carefully worded contract documents will change the way our state board of engineers assigns responsibility.  Particularly in view of their cannibalistic tendencies toward structural engineers of late. 
61G15-31.003 Design of Structures Utilizing Prefabricated Wood Components.
(1) Apportionment of responsibilities between Structural Engineer of Record (Building Designer) and Delegated
Engineer (Truss Designer) shall be as set forth in Chapter 2 of ANSI/TPI 1-1995.
(2) In the case of a truss design package, a cover or index sheet may be signed and sealed in lieu of signing and sealing
each individual sheet, provided that the cover or index sheet contains the following information:
(a) The name, address and license number of the Engineer of Record for the truss design package.
(b) Identification of the project, name of the authority having jurisdiction (City, County), the loads, and the name and
date of the applicable building code that the truss design is intended to meet and all loads imposed on the structure.
(c) Truss engineering design criteria with full identification of the source of the criteria. The source will be either the
Engineer of Record (if there is an Engineer of Record for the structural engineering documents), or the engineer
employed by the truss manufacturer. If there is an Engineer of Record for the structural engineering documents, that
engineer shall be identified with his/her name, license number and address, along with a checkmark to ensure that the
drawings have been reviewed as required by Rule 61G15-30.006(3).
(d) A truss layout plan by the Engineer of Record showing the location and designation of each component.
(e) Identification of the computer program used for engineering the trusses.
(f) An index of the attached drawings. The naming and numbering system utilized for the drawings shall be clear as to
how many drawings there are in the set and the date of each of these drawings.
(g) Each of the drawings in the package shall bear a title block bearing the printed name, address, and license number
of the Engineer of Record for the truss design, and the date of the drawing.
Specific Authority 471.033(2), 471.008 FS.
Law Implemented 471.033(1)(g) FS.
History--New 1-26-93, Formerly 21H-31.003, Amended 6-16-99, 3-22-01.


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