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RE: End Rust

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I have used some product like this on a rusted truck I owned in college.  It did stop the rust but also created a raised surface - sort of swollen area where the spot was.  I speculate if I were to grind through it to create a smooth surface it would deteriorate again.


My point is, the product worked in that it stagnated rust on my vehicle when I needed it, but it wasn’t pretty. I don’t believe you should expect a surface finish that matches the adjacent, rust-free areas.


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Does anyone have experience with "End Rust" or "Rust Doctor" or "Rust X" type products?  Apparently they turn the rust into a corrosion resistant coating that can be used as a primer.   I have a spiral stair that has a bit of a corrosion problem but there are areas that still have paint .  If I have the paint wire brushed off the whole thing and prime with "End Rust" will the "End Rust" provide future rust resistance to the parts of the stair that are not corroded [other than just acting as a coating]?


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