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Parking Garage Loading - IBC/UBC

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We are working on a precast parking garage in northern California.  The '97 UBC requires a 50 PSF live load.  This can be reduced to 30 PSF for the columns and even the double-tees we are using.  The IBC (read ASCE 7-98) doesn't allow the reduction for the double-tees and the columns will be designed for 40 PSF.  We are debating which direction to advise to owner to go.  I am not aware of any parking garage failures but don't want the building to be "under-designed" in 5 years when California does change codes to something other than the UBC.  This is a eight story garage and the impacts will be huge based on the decision.  Like usual it is a fast track job, and we need foundations in two weeks.  Opinions greatly appreciated.
Jake Watson, P.E. 
Salt Lake City, UT