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HHS Rectangular Tube Fabrication Error

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Title: HHS Rectangular Tube Fabrication Error

We provided rectangular HSS members on a project for lateral support of the curtain wall.  The exterior of the building is 'radiused' as well as the HSS members behind the curtain wall.  The fabricator curved the HSS members about the wrong axis.  The sweep was intended to be about the x-x axis but was fabricated incorrectly about the y-y (weak) axis.  The fabricator is questioning if they can simply straighten the members and re-roll them about the correct axis.  The members are HSS 12 x 8 x 3/8, the radius is approximately 400' and the angle of the circular sector is 4.5 degrees.  The resulting beam sweep is approximately 3 5/8" and member length is approximately 31'-4.  I do not think that cold bending the HSS members will have any adverse affect on their performance based on the relatively low inelastic deformations even if no thermal stress relief is utilized.  Does anyone agree/disagree?  Thanks in advance.

Steven Crang, S.E.,P.E.
HOK Structures