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FW: AISC Certification question

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Since you are in UBC (still) country, the cost of fabricated steel should factor in the cost of special inspections.  A non-approved fabricator is required to have special inspections for all shop welds.  AISC certification is almost always accepted as being approved.  Since special inspection costs are covered directly by the owner, the fact that there are increased costs with non-approved fabricators can sometimes be overlooked and bid comparisons are consequently not accurate.
We require AISC certification in our specifications and have not had a problem with bidding in recent memory.
Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR
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Subject: AISC Certification question

Hi all,
We're receiving resistance from bidders regarding our requirement that steel fabricators must be qualified as an AISC-Certified Plant, Category 1 through the AISC Quality Certification Program.  It seems that most steel fabricators being considered by the bidding G.C.'s don't have this certification.  This project is a two-story steel frame commercial building with exposed steel as a significant part of the building architecture.  We are maintaining this requirement as we feel the need to ensure minimum standards of quality on this project.  We are curious, however, about the economic impact, if any, to the owner in increased fabrication costs for using a certified fabricator as well as other engineers' opinions on when, if not always, to require this certification.  Also, is it typical that most shops don't carry this certification?
Dennis Pradere
MLA Engineering

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