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Re: Parking Garage Loading - IBC/UBC

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As far as I know,  there was no connection between the article in Concrete International that recommended increasing the concentrated loading in parking garages and any ASCE 7/IBC changes.  

However, it does lead to an interesting point - while the 50 psf live load for parking garages is probably high,  the 2000 lb concrentrated load is probably low.  I know there has been talk for a while about increasing the concentrated load in ASCE 7, was it increased in ASCE 7-2002?

Another consideration is that areas of the garage which have a clearance of 8'-2" to meet ADA requirements are also accessible to heavily loaded delivery vehicles, etc.  Designers probably need to keep this in mind when thinking about realistic loads.

The point load is something that gets ignored alot in design, partly because it is in a foot note to the table (and thus easy to ignore),  but mostly because there is no easy way to address it with current design software.  I don't think there is any software that will determine the critical location for the load, based on a particular framing scheme.

Gail Kelley