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RE: truss bracing

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>From Chris' post:

"Just a little more discussion on previous posts.  My concern is whether =
the delegation of design responsibility as mandated by ANSI/TPI-1 1995 =
can be modified by carefully worded contract documents.

>FBC 2319.17.2.1  Wood Trusses
>This section covers all the responsibilities of truss design. All =
>design and detailing, along with connections between trusses, are to be =
>the truss shop dwgs. It is somewhat unclear whose responsibility it is =
>design the bracing to main structure connection.

I might point out that this section of the code applies to the High =
Velocity Hurricane Zone which is basically Broward & Dade County =
(Florida).  I'm not sure this would be useful in determining the =
delegation of responsibility for the rest of Florida.  I suspect that =
the State Board of Engineers would hold me to the language in Chapter 61 =
of the Florida Administrative Code which I referenced in an earlier =
post: "

I rechecked the FBC and Chris is right, the section I quoted above is only
for High Velocity Hurr. Zones. BUT, I have not found any other truss
guidelines in the code, and Sect. 2313.1 states that "All buildings for
which a wind analysis is required... shall be designed in accordance with
the provisions of 2313 and Chapter 23." So that is open to interpretation,
and I think you could cite the above section since it is covered in Chpt.
23. All rather confusing and ambiguous if you ask me.

But my final thinking with truss bracing is that in a construction contract,
if a truss fabricator accepts a job with clear responsiblities, I do not
think they can shirk them by quoting a building code, the Florida Admin
code, or a TPI document. I do not see how the State Board of Eng would even
get involved in this type of thing, I think they could care less.

This whole thing would get into a contract dispute more then anything. I do
not know how any of these documents can actually be enforced on a job, does
anyone else? How can they tell us, the EOR, how to sub-contract our
consulting work? My bosses here at the office seem to think that no matter
what, if a truss fab bids a job which requires him to do certain things,
then they have to do it. I will continue to push for this on our drawings
and our jobs, because I think it is ridiculous that they can supply
components, which are part of a system, that are unable of carrying the
loads without further support and modification. Like someone said before, it
is like a SE specifying a HSS column, and saying, brace at midpoint in the
field, not my responsibility...

Andrew D. Kester, EI
Structural Engineer
Bentley Architects & Engineers
665 W. Warren Ave.
Longwood, FL 32750

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