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Re: Parking Garage Loading - IBC/UBC

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Although the Code is not clear, I have always assumed that 1607.9.2 cannot be applied to parking garages, because it results in such drastically different numbers than 1607.9.1.2.   

In addition,  I think that 20 psf for column loads is way too low.    Parking garages in the downtown parts of DC and Boston are often full much of the day and  they use valet parking to get cars closer than normal.  If you do some quick calcs with stall area and average car weights - you will come up with more than 20 psf,  even without valet parking.  

I think this is what the commentary for ASCE 7-2002 is saying.  ASCE 7 also notes that the loading includes some kind of vague allowance for impact.  I am not exactly sure what kind of impact this is referring to, but I have noticed that cars seem to hit parking garage columns more frequently than anyone would like.

Gail Kelley