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Re: Cast-in-place Segmental box bridge

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The fact that the cracks reflected through the new topping means the cracks are still moving, due to either temperature or load.  

Florida DOT has done the most work on bridge inspection/evaluation.  They have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of reports on their web site.  They are mostly concerned with voids in the ducts though; I'm not sure cracking has been that big an issue.  You could download some of their reports for interesting reading and nice pictures though.

Maybe try going to the FHWA website and looking for something on High Performance Concrete Bridges.  FHWA has spent massive amounts of money funding work on "High Performance Concrete" and creating anthologies of papers on "High Performance Concrete".  Most of the papers are written by graduate students who know nothing about either bridges or the English language but there are some written by consultants.  I think Lousiana may have done some instrumentation on box girders.

Maybe contact the American Segmental Bridge Association (  

Lastly (or maybe firstly),  try contacting a post-tensioning contractor like Dywidag  ( and see if they have any ideas why the boxes are cracking and see whether they think you should be worried.

Gail Kelley