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Re: Cast-in-place Segmental box bridge

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a simple start would be to check adequacy of transverse
reinforcement against transverse bending and torsion due to LL
and then look for other potential causes of cracking as temperature
or top slab shrinkage.once cause of cracking is identified cure measures
can be effectively selected
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Subject: RE: Cast-in-place Segmental box bridge

Sorry for the confusion.  The cracks run longitudinally along the bridge and are located in the middle of the top slab of the box.





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Maybe I didn't read closely enough, but are the cracks longitudinal or transverse?  You seemed to say they were longitudinal, but also that they were at midspan,  which seems like they should be transverse.  How are they located with respect to the p-t strands?

Nigel Priestly did a lot of work on temperature effects in bridges - you could look up some of his stuff but I think he is currently retired to New Zealand.

Gail Kelley