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RE: Steel OMRF

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In California, many jurisdictions have amended their codes on several structural topics. One of them is the structural system types in Table 16-N of UBC. The R for OMRF is limited to 3.5 with the following footnote added to the table regarding OMRF

a)      Steel OMRF are permitted for buildings 35 ft or less in height with the dead load of the roof, walls or floors not exceeding 15 psf each; or single-story buildings 60 ft or less in height with the dead load of the roof or walls not exceeding 15 psf each and where the moment joints of field connections are constructed of bolted end plates.


For complete details on what jurisdiction in Bay area have adopted please see:

Read the right column under the heading "In the news"

Ben Yousefi, SE

San Jose, CA

Ben Yousefi 


04/08/2003 06:43 PM
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What is the current practice for steel OMRF in seismic zone 3 or 4 under the 1997 UBC?  FEMA 350 appears to provide some up to date guidelines.  Is it fair to say that the proper R factor could be used from the UBC code, and FEMA 350 used for detailing and design of the connections.