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Re: about blast design of structures

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You can refer to the ASCE book Design of Blast Resistant Buildings for Petrochemical Facilities. This a a very good book on the blast-resistant design of buildings. We refer to this book in our work in the Oil & Gas Industry.
The book has design examples which are done in a step by step procedure together with explanations on the how and why. It also discusses detailing requirements and alternative analysis methods.
The focus however is on the use of the SDOF dynamic analysis procedure using numerical integration. This procedure is the commonly used procedure that suits requirements for petrochem facilities.

Another very good reference is the ASCE Manual for the Design of Structures to Resist Nuclear Weapons Effects. I strongly recommend that you get hold of these two books.

You can contact ASCE at .

You can also check on the Process Industry Practices (PIP). I'm not sure though about their website. But I understand that they have one.

With multi-storey structures, you need to use the MDOF procedure which will require a special-purpose software to properly analyse the response of the structure to the blast loading. This calls for material as well as geometric non-linearity capability on the part of the program.


Hope this helps.

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seko wrote:
  To whom it may concerned!
I am a graduate student from Turkey,which is named Bogazici University.I have a thesis topic that is "Analysis and design of the structures under balst load".I collected some materials but I could not find enough information about blast load.I have some problems.
Can you tell me briefly about the analysis procedure and how can I calculate the blast load on the multi-storey frames with openings(I can't determined the net pressure load).Can it be possible for me to  receive some information about these?
Department of Civil Engineering
Bogazici University





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