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Re: copper as structural material

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>Are there are any industry standards that provide guidance for the use of 
>copper as a structural material?  Lacking specific guidance, would it be 
>appropriate to use AISC formuli?
Anything involving fatigue or stability would be incorrect, and would 
stress levels for weldments. Anything involving material strength 
dependent on heat treatment would be suspect. LRFD results would probably 
be entirely wrong because copper doesn't exhibit the assumed 
elastic-perfectly plastic behavior. And you'll have to satisfy yourself 
that the design margins for ASD are appropriate to the material you're 
using. Copper is also non linear for much of it's useful stress range, 
and it sometimes shows weird post-yield behavior. As I make it, you can 
figure tensile stress using P/A and bending stress with Mc/I for copper. 

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