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Re: Stainless Steel

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>Does anybody have info on 304 stainless steel?  I need to know the modulus 
>of elasticity, yield strength and ultimate strength.  Are there any 
>problems welding 304 stainless steel to high-strength, low-alloy steel 
>such as A572 or A992 or low-carbon steel such as A36 or A500?  Any help 
>will be appreciated.
Check out <> there are loads of publications for 
download including ASTM STP 454. Stainless is not tough to use, but it's 
not carbon steel. Do your homework. The modulus usually used is 28E6 psi, 
although it isn't linear. You'll see various yield strengths published, 
starting with 30 ksi for annealed material to over 100 ksi for 
strain-hardened 304. 

You can weld 304 to carbon steel but you need special techniques. It 
doesn't weld like carbon steel so pick your fabricator carefully. 
Improper welding can affect the corrosion resistance drastically, and 
thermal distortion is greater than with carbon steel. Discoloration may 
be a problem. The weld area will be annealed regardless of what yield 
strength you started out with. There is no partial recovery after welding 
as you get with 6061 aluminum.

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