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RE: '97 UBC vs. 2000 IBC

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Title: RE: '97 UBC vs. 2000 IBC

The 2000 IBC does not allow you to ignore the vertical component of seismic force for ASD.  It also requires you to consider orthogonal component no matter what in higher seismic areas.  Also you cannot use the simplified wind provisions if your building is taller than it is wide and have to use ASCE7.  It has deflection limits for walls that were not in the UBC.

The IBC has a lot more special inspection requirements than the UBC.  It has requirements on stuff that a structural engineer might not normally look at like suspended ceilings. 

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Subject: '97 UBC vs. 2000 IBC

I am looking at IBC & UBC to see which code I would prefer to use for a building design in Las Vegas.  (From what I have been told, we can use either... I don't know why... maybe the city is in the process of adopting the IBC.)

I have checked the seismic design forces and what I got is that the '97 UBC seismic forces are higher than the 2000 IBC.  Does that seem logical?  UBC zone is 2B and for IBC, Ss = 0.615 and S1 = 0.182.  Beyond calculating the seismic forces, it seems that the two codes are similar in their application to the design of the structural elements.  Am I missing anything?

Any guidance you can give would be appreciated!

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