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Re: Greasing headed anchor rods (is it necessary?)

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I normally call out for a debonder when my anchor bolts start getting over 2 feet embedment.  At 4 feet I would definitely recommend it in order for your construction details to match your design assumptions.  You may want to talk to your construction people, if available, to see if they recommend something other than grease.  Trying to grease a 4 foot long bolt either before or after installation can cause a real mess with more grease getting on your rebar than anchor bolts.  On one job the field recommended using Teflon tape which seemed to work out OK (i.e. I didn't hear any complaints).

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

Clifford Schwinger <clifford234(--nospam--at)>

04/14/2003 08:18 AM
Please respond to seaint

        To:        seaint(--nospam--at)
        Subject:        Greasing headed anchor rods (is it necessary?)

When you have larger diameter headed anchor rods with
deep embedments (4 feet), is it a good idea to grease
straight shaft to de-bond the anchor rod from the
concrete in order to get the bolt tension down to the
base of the headed anchor where the real tensile load
transfer into the concrete is assumed to occur?
I am asking this for a condition where we have 1.5"
diameter F1554 Grade 105 anchor rods that resist some
pretty big tension forces from lateral loads.  Fatigue
loading is not a consideration and we are not
pre-tensioning the bolts.

Is it necessary to grease the bolt shaft or is this
just a waste of time - and grease?!

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone wishes to

Cliff Schwinger

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