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RE: Residential URM

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Dennis...the "URM law" passed in 1986 exempts residential building with five or fewer living units.  The law passed by the Calif. legislature is described as:  Chapter 250, Statutes of 1986: SB 547 (Alquist); Government Code Section 8875.  I don't think it was generally codified into the CBC or many other local codes except City of LA and County of LA (Chapter 96).  In fact in the LACo Code, Sec. 9602 there is an exception for  single family dwellings.  Hope this helps, Steve Widmayer, PE
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Subject: Residential URM

It is my understanding that the California Building Code exempts single family unreinforced masonry structures from the California Seismic Hazard Mitigation requirements for both identification and retrofit in areas where an ordinance has been established for URM buildings. Can anyone point me to the provisions in the code or state URM requirements that I may quote in letter to Riverside County. While they are requiring my client, who started to renovate his home without filing for permits, to provide as-built drawings addressing all work that he has done, I wish to deal with the URM issue up front. There are some minor structural issues but the home is a single family dwelling, one story that was constructed in the 1940's and added on to in the 1950's.
I have not been able to find the specific section of code in the UCBC that exempts single family dwellings.
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