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special load combos for steel frame connection to foundation? AIS C Seismic?

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IBC 1913.3.2 indicates that concrete anchors should be designed for the normal LRFD 1605.2 load combinations when E=seismic is involved.  IBC 1908.1.2 indicates that the regular 1605.2 regular LRFD load combinations should be used for designing concrete for E=seismic.  I know people have talked about whether when connecting a steel frame to the foundation that the 1605.4 special load combinations are required. 


Does AISC Seismic say anywhere that the connection to the foundation needs to be designed for the special load combinations?  It is a foundation connection not a brace connection and I cannot locate a requirement.  Also does the IBC require special load combinations for connecting a steel frame to the foundation?  


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