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RE: Detail for an existing retaining wall to future slab connection

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You need to be careful about changing the location of stresses due to the
fixity of the top of wall if it was designed as a cantilever.  Also note
that the design of a fixity joint requires negative steel to include full
development of the bar,  The existing location of steel  may not however be
at a desired "d " depth unless you have field verified the bar location and
spacing.  Alternatively, you may design a roller like support for the slab
to keep things functioning as they have intended.  I am sure you have
further information that might guide your approach.  Your question does not
give guidence on what else is being considered.
Samir Y. Ghosn, P.E.
Harris & Associates
At 11:25 AM 4/15/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>   Does anyone have any  good ideas on how to connection the top of
>existing  retaining wall to a  future 14 inch thick slab ? It's for an 
>expansion of a box culvert.... Should I use coupler  nuts at the top of the
>existing ret wall ?   Please  help   Sincerely,   Larry  Sanchez           
>             Larry Sanchez,        P.E.
>         702/736-6632
>    702/736-0704
>  sanchez(--nospam--at)            BERGER/ABAM        Engineers Inc.
>500 Amigo Court, Suite 100
>         89119

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