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I am responding with no for the emailed
NCSEA, the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations

We may not have a choice if too many align them selves with this further
control over our practice. State Governments test us for license, some have
mandatory continuing education, and local jurisdictions review all of our
designs. I recommend all to further their professional skills by being
involved with this SEAINT email postings and continued education.

I would like to see more accessible and less expensive Internet continuing
educational presentations.

David Merrick, SE

>>>original message
from ncsea(--nospam--at)

NCSEA, the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, seeks your
opinion regarding the need for a certification program for structural
engineering.  This program, if adopted by the NCSEA membership, would
provide a measure of the qualifications of those individuals who practice
structural engineering, awarding those deemed qualified a certification
designation. This program will function separately and in parallel with
state licensing laws, providing uniform assessment of qualifications
throughout the 55 US jurisdictions.  At the initial stage of the program,
those engineers who currently practice structural engineering and are
willing submit their qualifications will be grandfathered.  After a defined
period, certification will be granted based upon satisfactory evidence of
meeting the established experience criteria regarding education, examination
and testing.  Fees associated with this process are expected to be
approximately $350.00 for initial certification and $100.00 for annual

Based upon the above description of the program, NCSEA is interested in
knowing that if such a program is established, would you participate, and if
you are an employer, would you be willing to fund participation for your
employees.  Please reply to this email and fill in the information requested

Current Licensure _____E.I.T. _____P.E. _____S.E. (Check both P.E. and S.E.
as appropriate)
Years of experience after college _____.
Highest Education Level ____ BS ___MS ____Phd
Description of Position ______ Management ______ Project Manager ______
Design Engineer _________Educator
Number of employees in your firm _______.
State where you are employed__________.(Two letter abbreviation)
If NCSEA implements a certification program, will you participate
individually? _____.
If you are a manager or business owner, will your firm fund participation?

Should you prefer to respond by fax send to 972-783-8684

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