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In-Plane Rigidity Software

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I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a software that will analyze concrete walls for in-plane shear loading.


At one of my previous jobs, they had a in-house software to do this for tilt-up panels. What I am hoping the program can do is to input summary data for a wall or a bunch of tilt-up panels by type, input geometry and fixity for each type of panel, input typical and special vertical/lateral loads, and then input the order of the panels along the wall.


The program would then calculate the relative rigidities of the walls, the shear distribution to each panel, collector forces across the panel joints, shear and moment in each segment of wall, overturning in the wall, dowel requirements at the slab. and design the reinforcing for the shearwall, wall pier, or column segment.


A bonus would be some kind of graphical output of the wall.


I could make one on my own in excel, but I’ve got better things to do this weekend.


I think CMACN makes one for masonry, but I’m not sure if it works for concrete that well. I think others use Etabs to model the walls as well, but that would be a little pricey.




Santa Clara, CA