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RE: Addition of 1'-9" retaining wall...

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I am not competely sure what your situation is...


Where ever you are going to have the 11-6 retaining wall, the reinforcing
below the 9-9 mark needs to be sized for a 11-6 height even if the wall
will originally be built only to 9-9.  In otherwords, if you design a 9-9
retaining wall as a 9-9 retaining wall, then later want to make it a 11-6
retaining wall, it will not have sufficient reinforcement to resist the
load in the lower 9-9 of the wall.

Similarly, if you are going to add a top slab that will restrain the top
of the retaining wall, then at some point in the future the wall will go
from having  the largest (negative) moment at the base to a large
(positve) moment at the mid-height.  Thus, you would need to make sure
that the reinforcement that is in the wall will satisfy both loading
conditions (i.e. large negative moment at the bottom and a large positive
moment at the mid-height).

Assuming that the wall is designed to take the loads in the particular
situation, then you could use either couplers or expoy dowels to add
height to the wall.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Larry Sanchez wrote:

> Hello Fellow Structural Engineers,
> Should I epoxy drill dowel vert dowels to add a 1'-9" high ret.wall on
> top of a 9'-9" ret. wall. ?
> Or should I design the overall ret. wall height of 11'-6" ?
> The ret wall is 8" concrete...
> The 1'-9" height applies to only 40 linear feet...
> The typical ret wall height is 9'-9"
> This is for a channel project in Las Vegas, NV
> What should I do ?
> Also, yesterday, I did not clarify my other question very well---I
> apologize....
> A future 14" thick box culvert slab will bear on top of channel wall...
> Any recommendations on how to connect slab to wall....Could I use
> couplers or epoxy dowels ?
> I need to come up with a detail and I am stuck as usual ? Please help
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