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Reinforcement failure due to concrete expansion

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Recently I've read a short article about the failure of the main reinforcement in the concrete bridge decks (I guess similar problems may occur at the other RC structures).
Up to now, there have been many researches and articles about the effects of the salt which causes chemical reaction and causes cracks in the concrete, however, I haven't heard of the complete failure of the reinforcement in the concrete due to the expansion of the concrete because of the alkali-metal reaction. I also heard that there is a bridge which was completed in Oregon, North Bennd city last year and Stainless Steel reinforcement had been used. Was it to avoid of that reinforcement failure problem?
I would appreciate if anyone knows and shares detailed information, idea or shows any source about the expansion of the concrete due to the alkali-metal reaction which causes the serious failure in the reinforcement. Recently I'm involved in a bridge deck design which will be built near a sea side where salinity is rather high. I would like to take into account of the effects of this matter. Thanks for any comment,,,
Ozturk (Civil Engr.)
Bridge Design Dept.