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Re: Welding plate stiffener

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To say the fabricator cannot do it is an incorrect statement.  One the other hand, why do it?  A 3/16 weld each side will develop the plate therefore the additional weld material is unnecessary.  1/4" material is thin for a stiffener plate, and can distort with excessive welding, which is why most fabricators prefer a heavier plate.
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Sent: Friday, April 18, 2003 1:13 AM
Subject: Welding plate stiffener

A structural detailer said the it is not possible to weld a 1/4" thick beam plate stiffener using 1/4" weld.  He said that even it is specified,  the fabricators can not do it.  Is this a correct statement?  I like to know because a lot of engineers I know specify the same thing.  I know that in lap joint, it is hard to weld a 1/4" thk plate by using 1/4" weld because the edge of plate is rounded so the actual weld size is 1/16" less than the thickness of the plate.  But in my case, you have the stiffener plate against the web and flange of the W shape beam so I have the room to place the welding.

I'll appreciate any of your comment.

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