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Re: Finite Element and Reinforced Concrete

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I have used the following reference quite a lot.  It is not merely a user's manual but describes the theoretical background and covers a broad range of approaches.  Granted it is quite old now, especially in the context of FEA, but I think it is still a valuable resource.  There may be a new edition but I could not find it on the ASCE web site.  It is not the conference proceedings which has a similar title.  

ASCE Task Committee on FEA of R/C Structures, STATE OF THE ART REPORT ON FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF REINFORCED CONCRETE, American Society of Civil Engineers, NY, NY, 545 p, 1982.

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Does anyone know a good reference that covers finite element analysis of reinforced concrete? I hate to buy a book at random from Amazon. I am very familiar with finite elements from a theoretic and practical standpoint. I am looking for a reference that covers the practical nitty-gritty of modeling a brittle, cracked, anisotropic, composite material (reinforced concrete) using finite elements. I am not looking for a reference that simply states drop the EI of your beams to 0.35EIg and treat it as a space frame. I am looking for something significantly more sophisticated. Anyone got a favorite?

Eric Green