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Re: Re:Historical Chinese Tower w/rocking base

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A paper about the aseismic capability of the Little goose pagoda  was published on Journal  of Xi'an University of  Architecture & Technology. Here I enclose the abstract for your reference.

An exploration of the aseismic behavior of Xi'an Xiaoyan Pagoda

Chen Ping Zhao Dong Yao Qianfeng
(Dept.of Cons.Eng.,Xi’an Univ.of Arch.&Tech.,Xi'an 710055)

Abstract In the light of the structural features of Xiaoyan Pagoda in Xi'an,this paper has devoted a study on the aseismic mechanism of the ancient pagoda built of bricks and stones as well as the dynamic properties of the pagodas based on the modern aseismic theory.Analysis and evaluation on the aseismic behavior of Xi'an Xiaoyan Pagoda are put forward in its favor.
Key words Xiaoyan Pagoda;ancient pagodas; anti-seismic

Kent JJ Hou


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