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RE: Concrete Swimming Pool

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It has been my experience that free-form residential pools tend to defy 
rational analysis.  It appears that the pool performs more as a shell 
structure than a flexural structure with the rim acting as a 
compression/tension element, depending on its horizontal curvature and 
whether there is or isn't water in the pool.

The dimensions and reinforcing that you stated would probably shock pool 
contractors as I can't recall seeing any residential pools that have more 
than 3 - 4 inches of gunite and don't use reinforcing larger than #4's.

For a child's pool, I would be very hesitant to make the deep end 5-feet, and 
wouldn't have the bottom make a sharp transition.  If the municipality 
insists on these dimensions, I would make sure that they also have my 
opposition in writing.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gary Hodgson wrote:

. > I would appreciate any comments or criticisms which you 
. > can offer.  I come from a steel background but over the 
. > years have learned a bit about concrete.  I 
. > undertook to design a children's swimming pool for a 
. > municipality.  It is 50'long x 25' wide x 3' deep at 
. > shallow end and 5' deep at deep end.  My concrete 
. > experience has never included a liquid retaining 
. > structure.  My primary design covered the the effects 
. > of soil pressure and uplift-my walls are 10" and the 
. > base slab is 10.5".  I then called for epoxy-coated 20M 
. > bars(sorry-#6) at 6" on centre in all the water 
. > surfaces for crack control with 2" cover.  The concrete 
. > is regular 3500 psi and rebar is 60 ksi.  i would 
. > appreciate your coments.

. > gary hodgson

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