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ETABS joist modeling question

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I am modeling a bundled tube system with deep joists having a maximum span
of 75' in some of the tubes, and 50' in the others.  I have alternated the
joist orientation on a 5 story interval to assist with a more evenly
distributing the load to the columns.  Now this is where my question is.
Does anyone know if there are any special tricks to properly model the
joists within ETABS?  I was able to do a test run on a small 2 or 3 story
tube structure (I finally found the .pdf in the help documents to have the
joists modeled as one continuous member from support to support with pinned
ends).  I got a good response when I ran the steel design check following
the Dead, Live, Wind and Seismic loadings and they passed.

I am now performing "incremental" tests to verify the accuracy and integrity
of my model and despite my assignment of a joist that can span the 75' (like
a 40LH8 or a 44LH10).  When I run the Steel Joist Design , I am getting
errors stating that the joist cannot be analyzed and it dumps out on all of

Any suggestions on modeling, troubleshooting or anything else I can try to
resolve this?

Thanks in advance,

Alex Candelaria

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