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Re: Type K cement

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I have not personally used Type K cement but I have heard you need to look at your layout and detailing very carefully in regards to pour sequencing and whether or not your concrete is confined.  This cement expands slightly to compensate for the inevitable concrete shrinkage however if you have a slab situation it makes a difference whether your concrete can in fact expand.  Consider a repair situation where you have saw cut an area in the middle of an existing slab.  When you fill this area with concrete it has no where to expand so it may defeat the benefit of the initial expansion.  You are on the right track in asking a lot of questions before blindly using this stuff.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting


04/21/2003 03:39 PM
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        Subject:        Type K cement

Does anyone have experience with Type K cement?

As I understand it, it is currently available only from CTS and they only make it in Atlanta, Philadelphia and El Paso.

I have heard (don't know if it is true) that it is difficult to work with,  somewhat similar to the problems you have with silica fume concrete and that you can end up with some serious cracking if you are not careful.  Also, that it is pretty expensive.

I would be interested in hearing where it has been used and how it turned out.

Thanks, Gail Kelley