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Welded Headed Studs

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Many years ago, the Nelson Stud company published a really nice catalogue full of tables of Nelson stud values for a variety of different conditions, edge distances, and spacings. I recently received their newest catalogue, and was chagrinned to see that they now only offer one table for shear and one for tension, both assuming adequate distances to assure full stud development. Not as useful. They also include about 50 pages of photocopies from the 1999 ICC Public Hearing Results and ACI 318 Appendix D showing all the various equation in the current code. Calling them, they said this is a cost saving move, since all their tables are reproduced in the IBC anyway. This isn't really the case, and the IBC mainly leaves you to solve the equations yourself, and they aren't short. Is anyone out there aware of a good, current source of easy to use tables for welded headed studs in concrete?


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