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Historic Wood Structure; How to Determine Wood Material Properties ?

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A question for all of my colleagues.......looking at an existing  brick masonry shell & interior wood joist, timber girder, timber column 4-story structure......roof was off top of structure for 3~4 year time frame and some water damage has occurred.  Joists are 3x14 @ 14" o.c. and timber girders are range from 10x12 to 14 x16 and the columns range from 10x10 to 14x14.  Floor dead loads are increasing but live load is decreasing (used to be an old light-industrial building; being converted to "lofts"; loads added to roof).  Joists span ~19 feet, girders span ~14 ft. and column height ~12-13 feet.
Material testing company performed visual / sounding of wood members and provided recommendation on replacement of specific members but refused to provide any allowable stresses for the wood members.  Material testing company provided species type but would not identify grade (thereby "locking-in" allowable stresses per NDS supplement for use in structural analysis).
How would any of you approach this situation to try and get a handle on the amount of strength of the existing wood joists, wood girders, and wood columns (i.e, pin-down the allowable wood stresses) ?  I've spoke to a few "experts" and have their recommendation......what would the everyday structural practitioner do ?
Robert Rogers, PE