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RE: Questions are too long

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You’re not wrong in suggesting this and I think you are correct. It’s just that some of us (yours truly excluded) tend to be verbose ( a term I learned from Mark Deardorff SE about fifteen years ago).


Most who know me will know that I am one of the biggest offenders – but I will try :>)


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Subject: RE: Questions are too long


Just a general request......


Dear members of the "List",


Can all of us make our questions shorter or more brief ?

I am fairly new at this and it's really time consuming to read (let alone comprehend) and register the given question.


Forgive me but I am just trying to understand engineering questions better.

However, I understand that sometimes engineering questions may require some biography (given) information...

If that is the case, I believe a quick phone call (from anyone who's interested in helping out) could be a quicker and easier solution.


I don't mean to strike any nerves or make anyone mad....just trying to make our question/answer list more effective with simple questions.

The more complicated questions should require friendly phone conservation to anyone on the list who wants to help out.


Let me know if I am wrong be saying this.  I just want engineering to be easier to understand within our community....



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