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RE: Questions are too long

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People posting to the list are usually trying to understand an issue before them.  They must lay out the pertinent facts to get a reasoned, informed answer from list participants.  

I would much prefer a lengthy post asking the question and giving the pertinent information than having a bizillion questions asking for more information on the particular question as so often happens when one is to brief in laying out the issue.  That way, if I don't know the answer, don't wish to respond or am not interested in the subject, I can just scan one message and get on with life. If I do have an interest, it doesn't waste my time asking the pertinent questions to be able to respond.

You mention you are new to the list.  Welcome!  But please be respectful of the culture that has developed by trial and error on list particpants' part. The list is sometimes cumbersome, but the incredible exchange of information that I've observed over the years is well worth the effort.  I probably answer more questions than I ask, but the times I have asked, the list has been very responsive and has provided me with very good information very quickly. Giving the necessary information speeds this process.  Remember, you do have a delete key and delting one message is easier than  a bizillion. 

Bill Cain, S.E.
Albany  CA

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