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I'm assuming your abbreviation of MS is for Multi-Story?  Some structures
must include a live load component (i.e. industrial storage facilities), and
in snow country you have to include a percentage of the overall roof snow
load above 30 or 35psf (?) in combination with your seismic dead load, W.
This percentage value is provided by the local building official and can
have significant impacts on your design.  For example, I have designed
structures in Jackson, Wyoming and only required to use 25% of 125psf snow
load in combination with my seismic dead load, W.  In both Telluride and
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I was required to use 100% of snow load in
combination with my seismic dead load, W.  Per the 1997 UBC, these values
are obtained from the local building official and cannot be established by
the EOR.  Fortunately, the Colorado projects were in seismic zone 1, or our
mass irregularities would have mandated a dynamic analysis which was not in
our budget.

For seismic dead loads there is no secrets.  What does the structure weigh
before moving anybody inside?  Also include an interior partition load of
10psf (minimum).  Consider any special loading situations that may be unique
to your building.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Bill Marczewski

From: "Kotha Rao" <ksrao94(--nospam--at)>
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: UBC 1630.2.1 - SEISMIC DEAD LOAD

Hello All:

I am re-posting my question here with the subject (I posted it once last
week, but missed to include the subject). If you have already please ignore.

My question is :

Please refer to UBC 1630.2.1, Eqs 30-4 to 30-7.

What is the seismic dead load 'W' in these equations in the context of
seismic analysi of a general MS building? Is there a component of a live
load in it added to self weight of the structure?

I am aware of its definition given in UBC 1630.1.1. But I am not sure if 'W'
includes live load in case of general MS buildings (my perception is it does

Would appreceiate any comments/opinions.


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