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Re:Historical Chinese Tower w/rocking base

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The following is the adobe acrobat file of my attempt to translate the
Chinese engineering report on the Little Goose pagoda in Xian China.

I have heard that the foundation investigation was in 1965. The 1999 date on
the report may have been when it was digitized.

I originally had heard of a rocking bowl shaped foundation, like a rocking
doll that does not tip over.

This report analysis the structure with a fixed end stick model. It
describes the foundation soils as firm. If my interpretation is correct the
bowl is a large wood lattice or crib (criss-crossed network of wood).

I had envisioned that the bowl foundation created a bowl shaped failure
plane at the soil intersection. The bowl shape could hold moisture to
lubricate clayey soils. I now think that it more likely the wood properties
are acting like a base isolator with good flexibility and damping

The wood should be more flexible than that of the no-mortar clay masonry. I
think that the wood foundation could radically change analysis. It could be
the answer to why the 13 stories have lasted for 1300 years.

If it is a wood foundation, it would have to be submerged in water or be
treated for wood decay. I wonder if the "blue slate" above the wood and
under the tower has something to do with it. Maybe green copper could be the
"blue" that I have tried to translate.

David Merrick, SE

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