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Re: Column with torsion

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>The bending I know how to analyze.  Can anyone offer
>some guidance as to how the torsion component affects
>my column interaction? 
If it were me, I'd look at interaction between lateral torsional buckling 
due to the bending and ordinary Euler buckling. A linear interaction 
relationship is probably conservative--the Aluminum Association has a 
quadratic interaction between axial compressioin, bending compression and 
fa/Fa + (fb/Fb)^2 + (fs/Fs)^2 < 1 where f is calculated stress and F is 

I'd also do a very quick finite element calculation on the column to 
figure the effect based on Euler buckling. You won't get the same answer 
as the AISC column formula but the relative decrease from shear and 
bending should be about right. You might be able to do this with a simple 
Rayleigh analysis, but it's probably simpler and quicker with FEA.

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