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RE: Looking for a Good Cold-Form Steel Design Reference

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The Wei-Wen Yu book is a good reference.  I believe that it is currently in the Third Edition (covering AISI 96).  The publisher is Wiley-Interscience.  If you are looking at a quick start on hand calcs don't get too dissappointed when you see the complexity of the cold-formed codes (specifically if finding section properties).  CFS is a good software package for doing general cold-formed designs in.  AISI also had (and I assume is still available) some Mathcad sheets which would calculate some of their code sections.  Try their site for more information.
The standard North American codes/specs are as many have mentioned:
1) 1996 Cold Formed Steel Design Manual (AISI 1996) (US Code)
2) CAN/CSA 136-94 (Canadian Code)
3) North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members - 2001 (released July 2002) (US and Canadian Code)
I know the AISI 96 and NAS (North Amer. Spec) both have erratas... not sure about CSA 136.  Since the NAS is fairly recent I don't know if any building codes have adopted it yet.
Hope this helps,
Greg Effland, P.E.
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Subject: Looking for a Good Cold-Form Steel Design Reference

Anybody have a recommendation for a good reference book related to cold-form steel design.......?

I have heard about two publications:

"Cold-Formed Steel Design" by Wei-Wen Yu


"Residential Steel Framing Handbook" by Robert Scharff....

Any others out there that you would recommend ?