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Re: Seismic load combinations and ASME Section VIII pressure ve

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>Remember the pressure vessel people are concerned about containment, and
>they have very different objectives than the life safety objective of the
Sounds like Rick was never around when a pressure vessel blew up... It 
changes your whole outlook on the ASME Code.

>It seems to me that because of the distribution of stresses in the
>pressure vessel that allowable stress should not be increased if the
>seismic reduction 1.4 is applied.
Don't mix Codes and don't imagine that the design margins mean the same 
thing for pressure vessels and buildings. Any ASME Code stamped pressure 
vessel has to meet the ASME Code first. That means you need to meet all 
the applicable provisions for the pressure loading alone before anything 
else. If you have additional loading besides pressure you may need to 
increase the thickness to address these loadings according to UG-22 
subject to an upper limit for calculated stress address these using the 
provisions of UG-23. If those provisions don't satisfy a building 
official (I've never had such a thing happen) you may have to address 
that separately yet again. But don't fiddle with pressure vessel code 
allowables if you want the vessel to be stamped. 

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