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Load Bearing Veneer

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First some background:
Existing school built 11 years ago.  The Contractor did not follow the plans for the soffit under some covered walks. Instead of using a steel angle connected back to the reinforced CMU he used light gauge steel track that was shot into the jumbo brick veneer with pins.  Well the pins were far from adequate (not enough penetration into the brick) and rusted and part of the soffit fell (no one hurt).  Now we are trying to devise a solution for the 400 linear feet of soffit that was not built according to plans. 
We typically do not use brick veneer as load bearing in any way, shape or form.  However, looking thru ACI 530-95 it does not seem to prohibit the use of veneer for carrying more than its own weight.  Of course, everyone wants to just put the soffit back basically the way it was as that is quick and easy.  Has anyone used a brick veneer for support of a soffit?  Is there something in the code I am missing?  While in reality the brick veneer would support the load (it was the pin that failed not the veneer) I am still not comfortable with it.  All of this is independent of wind load on the soffit.
Any additional thoughts?