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What happened to the "C" dimension on bolts/nuts?

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For High Strength Bolts (A325 and A490), the 3rd edition of LRFD does not
include the distance "C" across the points, only distances "F" and "W"
across the flats for bolts and nuts, respectively.  I checked the 2nd
edition, and it wasn't in there either.  So I figured it might be something
they left out of the LRFD versions, but then checking the first edition, it
reappeared.  ASD has always had it as far as I know.

Refer to:

LRFD 3rd Edition: Table 7-1, page 7-19          Does NOT include "C"
LRFD 2nd Edition: Table 8-2, page 8-11          Does NOT include "C"
LRFD 1st Edition: Tables on pages 5-167,168     DOES  include "C"

ASD 9th Edition:        Tables on pages 4-142,143     DOES  include "C"

For checking clearances, "C" is more important than "F" or "W".  Does
anybody have any insight as to why AISC (and/or RCSC) stopped tabulating



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