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Re: AISC hole edge distance

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You describe the center of the hole being one inch way from the edge in the
direction of loadings.  For 3/4 diameter bolt, the 15/16"hole, is
"oversize" and you only have 17/32" of a steel material resisting the load,
and that's if the hole was exactly punched in the center of the two inch
angle length.  I would hope that both the Engineer-Of-Record and the Agency
would both take ASD Sec. J3.9 (LRFD Sec. J3.4) "pretty literal".

The AISC minimum edge distance (and minimum spacing) requirements in the
direction of load are to ensure that there is enough base material to
accept the load imparted by the bolt without unacceptable shear deformation
or shear fracture.  The minimum edge distances numbers in AISC
specification(s) tables are reasonable for the minimum loads that all
connections must be designed for (service 6 kips, ASD J1.6 or factored 10
kips, LRFD J1.7).

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor, Aliso Viejo, CA


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I would like to find out what limits the edge distance on holes in steel
called by AISC section J.3.9. I have a miss fabricated field condition
where a 15/16" dia hole with a 3/4" dia bolt has been placed in the leg of
a L 3 x 3 x 1/4 angle that is only 2" long. Loads are in the 2" direction
and are shear only. ASD level stress checks for bearing and shear in angle
are at less than 50%. Agency approval reads AISC J.3.9 requirement pretty
literal. Need more ammo.

Robert Mantor Hanson, SE
Bellflower, CA.

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