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RE: Topping required on precast plank?

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Why don't you just place a bent plate (bolted down to the top of the precast plank) that extends out over the top of the HSS beam, but provides some minimal gap between the top of the HSS and the bottom of the bent plate ?  This will provide a "false bottom" over the top of the HSS and alleviate your concerns about cracking (just make sure the plate is stiff enough & check deflection).
Just a thought...
Robert Rogers, PE
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Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 11:30 AM
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Subject: Topping required on precast plank?

Our client is requesting to use a self-leveling material to essentially compensate for the incidental cambering of the plank.  They want to recover most of the 2" which would be lost with the standard 2" topping.
Mostly, the plank is supported by bearing walls (5 levels), but the central lobby is at the knuckle of the angled wings and is steel framed.   My concern arise because the supporting HSS beams might need to be flush with the top of plank because of the 10' floor to floor height.  This imposes a crack concern on either side of the beam.
Concern # 1 - I feel the self-leveling material is inadequate for crack control at the beams.
Concern # 2 - Can we use 1" of ARDEX K-15 with some assurance that cracking can be controlled?
Concern # 3 - Has anyone had problems with the topping adhering to the top flange of the beam in this framing condition? 

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